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Delicious, Easy-to-Mix Protein Made from Organic Superfood

Hemp Protein Powder

Give your smoothies, shakes, bowls, and recipes a superfood kick. Hemplete plant-based protein powder is vegan, organic, gluten-free, AND delicious. Our popular hemp protein is easy to mix and even easier to digest. Power your workouts and fuel recovery with a complete and nutritious plant based protein, not a bloat-inducing milk byproduct.Shop Now

Our hemp protein is made from raw, organic hemp seeds, a plant protein-packed superfood filled with muscle-building amino acids, healthy fats, antioxidants, and gut-friendly fiber. Add a protein kick to any recipe with our unflavored organic hemp powder. Or, add our chocolate hemp protein powder to your smoothies, bowls, and desserts.


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Meowmeix 5 Star Review
Amanda Meixner avatar Meal Prep Guru

Amanda Meixner

Meal-Prep Guru | @meowmeix

"Superior taste and ingredients, I honestly don't think there's a better protein bar on the market. It's very rare that I find a bar that tastes so good, checks all my boxes ingredient wise and has low sugar. I'm happy I finally found a protein bar brand I can trust and thoroughly enjoy!"

Max Lugavere avatar, Author of Genius Foods

Max Lugavere

Brain Food Expert | @maxlugavere

"Hemplete is a great tasting bar made with healthy fats, whole food ingredients, low sugar content, and non-synthetic sweeteners that don't give you a stomach ache. With ample protein to support muscle performance and healthy brain function, it's become my go-to bar when I’m on the road."

5 Stars
Rena G. Verified Buyer Review

Rena G.

Verified Buyer

"While it’s not candy, the taste is sweet but not overly sweet and the texture is smooth. The nutrition profile is the best of any bar on the market today, and the ingredients are all whole-food."