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Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

What's special about Hemplete?

Our hemp protein powders and bars are made with the highest quality ingredients available. We have close relationships with all of our suppliers, which ensures that every shipment of organic protein we receive meets our standards. We spent years perfecting our bars and powders. And we're confident that you will love the result. All of our hemp protein is tested for heavy metals. Additionally, every batch of our bars and powders must pass our internal quality assurance assessments, which measure flavor, consistency, and more. 

Does hemp protein get you high?

😂 No, the THC levels in our hemp are practically zero — sorry to disappoint. By our calculations, it would take a minimum of 1904.76 of our hemp protein bars in order to consume enough trace THC to get you high, and that isn't taking into account stomach size, or how the protein, fats, and fiber would slow delivery of the THC into your bloodstream. Please don't try this.

I can’t find Hemplete protein bars at my local grocery store!

We want to make more Hemplete accessible, too! We’re working diligently to put our hemp protein bars on shelves everywhere. Simply turn in a product request form at customer service next time you go shopping. 

What makes hemp protein better than other sources?

We're glad you asked. While whey protein can cause gastrointestinal issues, hemp is easily digested. And unlike many other plant-based proteins, it's a complete protein source, boasting all 20 amino acids, including the 9 essentials that our bodies can't produce on its own. Plus, it doesn't require any chemical processing. Did we mention hemp is a certified superfood? Our hemp protein bars and powders are packed with potassium, magnesium, fatty acids, fiber, and antioxidants. Visit our blog to learn more about the health benefits of hemp.  

Why is there no organic stamp when it's organic?

All of our products are non-GMO and qualify for USDA organic certification. So why isn't there a stamp? To put it simply, certification is expensive. If and when we feel that certification is a necessary step towards a more Hempletely awesome future, we will move forward with the certification process.

Why are Hemplete hemp protein bars more expensive than the bars at my local health food store?

We source only the highest quality organic hemp powder. Competitors typically use hemp powders with 50% protein content. The hemp we use is 75% protein, which costs a lot more; however, it creates a far superior product. The same goes for all of our ingredients. The average protein bar is packed with filler proteins, artificial flavors, added sugars, and more. We won't sacrifice quality and we will continue exploring ways for everyone to enjoy Hemplete in the future. 

What is soluble tapioca fiber?

Soluble tapioca fiber is a prebiotic fiber from the cassava root (sometimes called yuca root). A soluble fiber is one that dissolves in water, and prebiotic means that our fiber encourages the growth of healthy gut bacteria, a.k.a a healthy gut-biome. Modern research shows that gut bacteria plays an important role in many bodily functions, from hormone production to increased nutrient uptake, strengthening of bowel walls, and more.  If this is something you're interested in, we'd suggest enjoying your Hemplete bars with a side of kombucha or another delicious fermented beverage for compounding gut-health benefits!

Why do my packages come in separately sometimes? And my tracking numbers don't always update.

Our shipments are fulfilled by Amazon. Unfortunately, these things are often out of our control.

Does Hemplete contain gluten?


Why are some of my bars occasionally OILY?

All of our bars start with nuts, which release oil when they are mixed with the other real food ingredients that make up our bars. Just like your organic peanut butter from the grocery will develop a layer of oil on top over time. Since we don’t use any preservatives or weird ingredients this can happen sometimes, especially in higher temperatures. We do our best to minimize the oil separation through our mixing processes and carefully balanced recipes. However, natural ingredients can vary, which means our bars will sometimes vary as well. Keeping your bars stored in cooler temperatures can help minimize the occurrence of oil separation.

Does Hemplete contain soy?

Soy is not an ingredient in our bars. However, the manufacturing facility we work with does process a product that does make use of soy on shared equipment, so we cannot claim soy-free on our packaging at this time.

Will your hemp cause failed drugs tests?

No. Our bars, powders, and seeds do not contain CBD or THC. You will never fail a drug test by eating our hemp food products. 

Why does hemp protein powder volume vary? 

You may have noticed more or less hemp powder in your container between orders. Our products are measured by weight and the volume of organic powders varies by season, due to the soil and the seed milling process. We recommended weighing the powder for more accurate protein intake.

Why do the bars change colors?

That's due to our main ingredient: organic hemp. The color of hemp varies depending on the season and the soil. Organic hemp protein powder may have green, brown, and off-white hues. This is totally normal! No matter the color, the texture, flavor, and nutrition facts always remain the same. Unlike some competitors, we refuse to use colorings to keep the look of our bars consistent; there's no reason to compromise the quality of ingredients in favor of color. 

Where Can I Buy Hemplete protein bars and powders?

You can purchase our products right on our website. You can also purchase Hemplete protein bars at 

Return Policy

Not happy? Please reach out to us at Our support team will be happy to provide an exchange or issue you a refund.

Please note that return or exchange requests must be made within 30 days. To issue a full refund, there must not be more than 3 hemp protein bars missing from each returned package.

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