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Hemplete Glass Water Bottle, 17 Oz. BPA-Free

This glass water bottle is the healthiest, earth-friendliest way to stay hydrated.

  • This beautifully designed glass water bottle comes in three colors: white, gray, or mint.
  • Glass is endlessly recyclable, and it is the ONLY material you can drink from that won't ever leach into your beverages.
  • This bottle features a silicone sleeve sporting the Hemplete logo and bamboo lid with BPA-free plastic lining. 
  • 17 Oz. bottle.

In the market for a water bottle you can trust to be environmentally friendly and healthy for your body? Rock the Hemplete brand and make an eco-conscious choice with this glass water bottle. Featuring a silicone sleeve with our logo and a bamboo lid lined with BPA-free plastic, this sleek looking water bottle will be your go-to to bring to every yoga class or lift session.


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