November 01, 2018

Halloween is lurking right around the corner. Or maybe, you already celebrated over the weekend.

Either way, without a plan it’s easy to fall prey to all the candy and craziness. In the spirit of not undoing all your hard work, here are some proven hacks that make it easier to stay healthy and to bounce back if you decide to loosen up a little.


Tip #1 Start With a Win.

Momentum builds. No matter what happened today you can choose to go to sleep at a good hour, wake up early, and get one step ahead of your day instead of waking up in a rush. If you start your day off strong, one win leads to another, and you’ll be less likely to give in to the temptations of unhealthy eating.


Tip #2 Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Studies have shown over and over that counting on willpower to avoid temptation is much less successful than removing the temptation. Take control of your environment. Avoid keeping candy in the house, don’t keep it near your desk at work. If you really have to have that Snickers, go to the store and eat it in the car. Don’t buy extra to bring home.


Tip #3 Sweat

Even just a few minutes of exercise has been shown to signal your body to use sugars more effectively for building muscle rather than storing as fat. If you’ve already got the Halloween Hangover, exercise and/or a sauna session will help your body burn the extra sugar and boost your mood. And when you feel good, everything is easier.


Tip #4 Keep Your Friends Closer

Not keeping candy around is a great first step, but even better is to have a healthy snack ready-to-go when cravings hit. Keep some Hemplete bars in your bag, desk drawer, or on the kitchen counter for a satiating snack, so you don’t feel like you’re depriving yourself (because you’re not.)


Happy Halloween, you’ve got this!


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