April 19, 2018

Before we first thought of Hemplete a few years ago I was using hemp frequently for of the nutrition profile, digestibility, and sustainability aspects, but the usability of products was horrible. You couldn’t go to a regular grocery store and buy anything with hemp in it either. Every hemp product had what I call “burlap sack aesthetic,” It wasn’t approachable, it looked like stuff for hippies.

I was traveling a lot, eating tons of protein bars that tasted like chemicals & made me bloat. I was avoiding sugar & all the “natural” bars had the sugar content of a candy bar. I figured we could do better and got to work.

Once we had our first recipe we took it to a co-packer in LA. We thought we’d have delicious healthy bars to sell in a month (the sales pitch) and quickly learned that’s not how the industry works. They kept adding ingredients to our test bars without telling us. Most clients just want to launch a brand & don’t care about the product. We fought for 6 months before they agreed to make the formula we originally gave. They said a lot of industry standards and margins *eyeroll*

🌱When we started Hemplete our bars weren’t vegan. We used honey but realized after testing a batch of 2000 that it’s dumb to outcast an entire market of enthusiastic, ethically minded people over a single ingredient. I never set out to create a vegan brand & Hemplete isn’t a vegan brand, although our products are all vegan at this point. I just knew hemp was awesome. So we found the ONLY supplier carrying the 75% hemp protein that would make this possible. This turned into a recurring supply chain nightmare & simultaneous keystone to our business😂🤷‍♂️

A Lot is changing now, the hemp industry growing, CBD’s popping off, etc.. It’s exciting to be a part of. We’ve built quite the small team recently & have lots planned this year while we fight to keep bars in stock & educate people on benefits of hemp no matter your dietary preference. Check out our shop and let us know what you think! - Abraham Wolke, Founder & CEO

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